Shraada and the food for the departed Souls..

Shraada and the food for the departed Souls..

Greetings Everyone!  Namaste

This time of the year is significant for Indian Hindu Community in many ways.  The fifteen day long Shraada Paksha is ending and Navratra is to begin with the next new moon.

The Hindu Calender is different from the World Calender.  It varies and has a complex system to determine the days of different occasions, festivals, etc.

Shraada Paksha are the days to remember the family members who have passed away and offer traditional delicacies to the spirit world.   The meals are strictly vegetarian and special.  Though, we keep in mind some personal favorites of the person whom we are remembering, but major part of the menu is common in every household.  It is then first offered to a Brahmin (usually a temple priest) and then shared amongst the family members.Though this is not a complete 'Thali' as it lacks a few more delicacies, but this is picture of simplicity in our food. .

Interestingly, a share of the meal is offered to a crow, as Indian Mythology states that after death the human soul first gets into the life of a crow.

And so this not-so-happy looking and not-much loved bird get his day and his share of royal treatment.  Surely for 15 full days in a year!!

But the best part is to find a CROW and make him have his meal!! As they seem to be holidaying in some unknown place-where men are not running behind their lives to have PURIES.

Though,we all enjoy these days as this is not a mourning time.  But yes it is not considered auspicious time for anything: be it shopping, be it partying, be it MARRYING, or be it starting a NEW VENTURE.

Well, Well, Well!!!

Don’t worry, at least there is one good thing.


So enjoy!

Have a Great Sunday!


The Importance of Self Improvement-Part2


Went for an early morning walk.

The much required thing for me (at least).  It is a quiet time and usually un-interrupted.  Except for a few dozen of cows that stray on the street munching, mooing, waving their tales incessantly.

And those brown skinny Indian dogs–with waging tales.

Well for (most) people of India that’s not an interruption at all.   I love these ever cheerful dogs, these multi-coloured cows with saintly looks.   And keep wondering what goes inside their heads. One thing is for sure–they don’t seem unhappy.

So are they happy all the time?

  They must be!  They don’t seem to spend on fitness centers, organic exotic vegetables, Protein Shakes to become fit looking, supposedly happy entities.

Seems like they are at least happy with their physical state.  Have you ever seen an ugly, fat or skinny cow?  They all seem to look the same–plump and content with life.

Why there is so much pressure these days to be GOOD LOOKING?

Don’t Know.!

Does anybody know?

But we believe,  just like that farmer who was carrying a baby goat on his shoulder and met four different people who told him that he should be crazy carrying a dog on his shoulder.

He couldn’t disbelieve four people.

So do we believe, that looking GOOD has everything to do with our happiness.

No offense against the fitness lovers.

But concepts take a fashion shape these days.

Everybody wants to follow.

And moreover, wants everybody to follow.

And so we believe.

Osho says, “There is nothing more suicidal than belief.  One thing you have to definitely understand is that to believe, to believe blindly, to accept silently with closed eyes, has been the basic reason why your lives have been crippled until now.”

So today, I just wish to relish my breakfast and feel peaceful- just as that cow who would rather count the flies she shooed off her belly than counting the calories she is eating.!

Happy Breakfast !  Good Day!

The Importance of Self Improvement-for mothers part 1


In the era of ‘Investment’  we all tend to invest in money, in relationships, in our children, in education and what not all. Life is all about investment-from birth to death, we keep thinking about it and its desired RETURNS.

In relationships-we invest our time, our faith, our love and desire a return of sense of security of ‘being loved’ by an outer entity.  And most of the times, for most of our lives we feel deprived, either by our partners or by our children.

Cooking is definitely a form of short term investment–but it has wider effect on our lives.  The whole world thinks about only a few things every day and food is one of them.  That’s where the role of mammas come in.  I am not saying that Daddy don’t pitch in for meals but a mother has wider perspective of food.

It is a everyday investment but again it is simply for others.  It is more about sharing and investing our care into our loved ones. But our day to day life doesn’t let us feel this beautiful bond.  When the mornings start we are in a hurry to leave and cook our breakfast as fast as possible and leave the special menu for the off day.  The lunch is either in the cafetiere or with the lonely lunch box.  The dinners are tired and full of everyday frustration and next day anticipation.

Here comes in the importance of Self Investment.  And I am daring to let myself sail on this journey to know the ways of self investment.  For everything that is around me depends on how much strength I’ve got and that comes only from Self Investment.  That will eventually improve our family lives.

I hope to interact with mothers in this very crucial part of our motherhood and wish to share our daily food to enrich our cooking and undoubtedly eating experience.  Because if we aren’t happy what we are cooking, it is unlikely our children would like to eat.

Good Day & Happy Cooking.

Teaser Tuesday 9/25/12


I tossed it on the pile of toys in the corner. The only gift I didn’t toss on the mound was Rahim Khan’s leather-bound notebook. That was the only one that didn’t feel like blood money.


‘The Kite Runner’-by Khaled Hosseini

Jessica Boudreaux

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

•Grab your current read
•Open to a random page
•Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
•BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
•Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My Teaser

“His first effort involved trying to move his hands, which were pulled behind his back. He raised his eyebrows when he felt what appeared to be a full range of motion; his captors hadn’t bound him.”

Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel

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Hello world!

Hello world!

Nama`scar- Hello- Kushamdeed

This blog is my attempt not to prove to anyone but just to myself that I can dare to share.  Sharing that seems  fairly a simple deed but is surprisingly a complex action.  There is always a fear (at least for people like myself) that if the other person is also willing to accept or not?

Well, obviously it is a baseless fear- though fears are mostly baseless-but for the person who fears it is THE reality.

Anyways, my prime interest to start a blog is to share a glimpse of my city and its food trail with the rest of the world.  I am a snail as far as my pace is concerned so please be with me on this slow day by day discovery of my lovely city JAIPUR.

Hope I’ll be able to excite the food lovers, explorers and travelers of the world who just know this city’s name but know nothing about its real being.


C Ya!