Namascar-Hello Everyone.

Pinkcity Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan (India)  is one of  the most visited cities of the world.  You must have heard about it.  Well, my intention of creating a blog dedicated to my city Jaipur, is not to tell all about its tourist attractions but to take you to a virtual journey to its deep (fried-spiced) flavors that are older than the forts and palaces standing in the dessert.Daily Staples

Though the world has always associated ‘TANDOORI CHICKEN’ with India, but that is not the ONLY or rather the BEST flavor that exists.  India is primarily a VEGETARIAN country and daily meals are usually vegetarian, even for the people who love non-veg food.  Because of this  fact there is a wide variety of vegetarian dishes prevailing in our culture.   Though the coastal regions of India are an exception, because the locals prefer the fresh produce from the marine.

With this blog, I wish to bring the real flavors of my country, primarily from the North Western region–Rajasthan. Along with the flavors- I’ll try to bring the colors and daily festivities my lovely city.

Let’s begin.


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