Wish I was a Kite..

Wish I was a Kite..

Wish I was a kite..

flying up up in the sky..

dancing with the wind; not worrying about somebody looking at me with hunting eyes..

unaware about the cruel ugly hearts that exist..

believing in the fellow kites,  enjoying my flight..


I wanted to write something about Makar Sankranti , festival now known specifically for Kite flying.  But I’ve been clouded with this negative mist that I am not able to see anything beautiful around..

I am so shaken with the recent events in my country that I am just not able to write about anything nice about ‘My India’..

Being a woman is  such a beautiful feeling.  But one thing that she lacks most is ‘Freedom’.

Freedom to move freely on the streets without being followed.

Freedom to laugh without worrying about giving a ‘Wrong Sign’.

Freedom to enjoy long walks without keeping in mind the time to return.

Freedom to move without being noticed…

Freedom to be just her..

I am just not being me lately…

But the teacher whose name is life has all shades and hues..

And has the magic to turn black into blue..

Have a Happy Day.

Be Safe.





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  1. I could relate to your list of what you wish you had freedom to do. I wish mind was shorter, but it’s not unfortunately.

    I apologize for asking this (a month later no less), but what recent events are you referring to?

    • Well, particularly there was one unfortunate event with the girl that happened in New Delhi 2 months back. But actually it is the ripples it created in the the whole country. Honestly, rape cases or crime against women are reported in India too frequently, but this time probably every women who walks on the roads felt unsafe and helpless.
      I started this blog with lot of enthusiasm that I’ll try bringing the beauty of Jaipur and interesting life in it, but sometimes I feel disheartened with the kind of unfriendly culture that is growing in this wonderful city and in India.
      Your comment has jolted me again, and I feel like writing again. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking.
      I love being in this wonderful community of blogger friends.
      Have a Good Day.

      • I remember reading about that – thanks for reminding me.

        It’s easy to get discouraged on blogging and sometimes you just need a break from it. It’s fun sharing our lives though, so I encourage you to keep with it.

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