The Importance of Self Improvement-Part2


Went for an early morning walk.

The much required thing for me (at least).  It is a quiet time and usually un-interrupted.  Except for a few dozen of cows that stray on the street munching, mooing, waving their tales incessantly.

And those brown skinny Indian dogs–with waging tales.

Well for (most) people of India that’s not an interruption at all.   I love these ever cheerful dogs, these multi-coloured cows with saintly looks.   And keep wondering what goes inside their heads. One thing is for sure–they don’t seem unhappy.

So are they happy all the time?

  They must be!  They don’t seem to spend on fitness centers, organic exotic vegetables, Protein Shakes to become fit looking, supposedly happy entities.

Seems like they are at least happy with their physical state.  Have you ever seen an ugly, fat or skinny cow?  They all seem to look the same–plump and content with life.

Why there is so much pressure these days to be GOOD LOOKING?

Don’t Know.!

Does anybody know?

But we believe,  just like that farmer who was carrying a baby goat on his shoulder and met four different people who told him that he should be crazy carrying a dog on his shoulder.

He couldn’t disbelieve four people.

So do we believe, that looking GOOD has everything to do with our happiness.

No offense against the fitness lovers.

But concepts take a fashion shape these days.

Everybody wants to follow.

And moreover, wants everybody to follow.

And so we believe.

Osho says, “There is nothing more suicidal than belief.  One thing you have to definitely understand is that to believe, to believe blindly, to accept silently with closed eyes, has been the basic reason why your lives have been crippled until now.”

So today, I just wish to relish my breakfast and feel peaceful- just as that cow who would rather count the flies she shooed off her belly than counting the calories she is eating.!

Happy Breakfast !  Good Day!


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