The Importance of Self Improvement-for mothers part 1


In the era of ‘Investment’  we all tend to invest in money, in relationships, in our children, in education and what not all. Life is all about investment-from birth to death, we keep thinking about it and its desired RETURNS.

In relationships-we invest our time, our faith, our love and desire a return of sense of security of ‘being loved’ by an outer entity.  And most of the times, for most of our lives we feel deprived, either by our partners or by our children.

Cooking is definitely a form of short term investment–but it has wider effect on our lives.  The whole world thinks about only a few things every day and food is one of them.  That’s where the role of mammas come in.  I am not saying that Daddy don’t pitch in for meals but a mother has wider perspective of food.

It is a everyday investment but again it is simply for others.  It is more about sharing and investing our care into our loved ones. But our day to day life doesn’t let us feel this beautiful bond.  When the mornings start we are in a hurry to leave and cook our breakfast as fast as possible and leave the special menu for the off day.  The lunch is either in the cafetiere or with the lonely lunch box.  The dinners are tired and full of everyday frustration and next day anticipation.

Here comes in the importance of Self Investment.  And I am daring to let myself sail on this journey to know the ways of self investment.  For everything that is around me depends on how much strength I’ve got and that comes only from Self Investment.  That will eventually improve our family lives.

I hope to interact with mothers in this very crucial part of our motherhood and wish to share our daily food to enrich our cooking and undoubtedly eating experience.  Because if we aren’t happy what we are cooking, it is unlikely our children would like to eat.

Good Day & Happy Cooking.


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